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AnyChart Enterprise License

This license is designed for those who wish to build multiple applications inside their firewall for internal consumption among employees and contractors working for the organization. This license is NOT to be used with customers and or clients, as part of a SaaS Website, or redistributed as part of a product solution to other companies.
Basic Info
  • This license is an annual subscription.
  • The license also allows for unlimited developers to work with the product.
  • This License is for companies with more than 100 Employees.
  • You can build multiple applications; have multiple instances running; multiple teams in your corporation.  Basically use it to your hearts content as long as you do not redistribute it as part of a product solution to other companies.
  • You are required to register the domain at time of purchase.
  • If you need to change the domain, just let us know by contacting sales@anychart.com so we can re-register with the appropriate domain.
  • Contractors: You need to purchase the appropriate License for your customer

The purchase of an Enterprise license includes 7 hours of AnyChart support. If you need additional support you can easily add a support package that fits your needs.
Versions & Upgrades
The Subscription of an Enterprise license provides access to the current version of our software and upgrades to any release during the subscription year.
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