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AnyMap - HTML5 地図

は JavaScript(HTML5)ベースのソリューションであり、インタラクティブで地理的エリアに関連するデータを含む地図を構築します。

The very first version of AnyChart hit the shelves more than 10 years ago, check out what our products went through and see what's new in the most recent update.

Version 8.x History


  • DVF-4615

    — Improved New York map

  • DVF-4644

    — Improved Ghana map

  • DVF-4662

    — Improved India map

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-4513

    — Update South Sudan and France meta-data

<strong>DVF-4373</strong> — Labels text length} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
DVF-4373 — Labels text length

Added an option to limit the number of characters in labels for easier control over the chart display.

<strong>DVF-4383</strong> — Client-side CSV/XLSX export} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
DVF-4383 — Client-side CSV/XLSX export

CSV/XLSX can now be exported on client-side, without the help of an export server.


  • DVF-4403

    — Cambodia map updated

  • DVF-4029

    — France and India maps updated. Puerto-Rico and New Zealand maps added.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-4429, DVF-4430

    — Client side exports issues fixed

<strong>DVF-4386</strong> — Text shadow effect} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
DVF-4386 — Text shadow effect

Most of the text elements got an option to tune text shadow with the textShadow() method.
Shadow effect can help with text display on certain background colors or give your visualizations more wow-effect.


  • The map of Cambodia has been updated to reflect the split of Kampong Cham province into two provinces: Kampong Cham (west of the Mekong River) and Tbong Khmum (east of the Mekong River).

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-4315, DVF-4325

    — Client-side export issue

  • DVF-4319

    — Hover cursor on legend

  • DVF-4341

    — Selection Marquee issue


  • DVF-4320

    — Disable credits over theme

<strong>DVF-4247</strong> — Client-Side Export} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
DVF-4247 — Client-Side Export

We've added the client-side export feature to all our JavaScript charting libraries - AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyGantt, and AnyMap. This will allow you to have your data visualizations saved as images (SVG, PNG, and JPG) and PDF documents without a roundtrip to the server, by leveraging the built-in browser features for a seamless JS chart export, fast and secure.

<strong>DVF-4278</strong> — Polygonal Selection} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
DVF-4278 — Polygonal Selection

We've made it possible to select points on JS map charts powered by the AnyMap library by drawing a polygon. In addition to the rectangular marquee, such a complex, polygonal selection can now be easily configured using our API and is also available to the end user from the context menu.


  • DVF-4277

    — Legend. Add some icons support

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-4201

    — Legend issues


  • DVF-3596

    — AnyChart Locales Improved

  • DVF-3597

    Custom Messages in locales

  • DVF-4073

    Auto localized context menu from the included locale

  • DVF-4178

    — Hovered and selected features ordering issues fixed.

  • DVF-4051

    — Color Scale reworked - default range and “equal” flag are added.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-3944

    — Resize event issues fixed.

  • DVF-4187

    — Charts disposing improved.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-3905, DVF-4101

    — Andorra, Anguilla, Spain, Somalia, Singapour, Sierra Leone, San Marino, Brunei, Saint-Pierre, Dominica, Ghana, Hawaii, India, Nauru, Netherlands, Republic of Kongo, Liechtenstein, Jamaica, and USA maps fixes and improved.

  • DVF-4063

    — chart background issue fixed.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-4063

    — Chart background zIndex issue

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-3941

    — Performance improvements.

<strong>DVF-3857</strong> — Performance issues} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
DVF-3857 — Performance issues

We have significantly improved the performance.


  • DVF-3873

    — Improved rendering of legend.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-3655

    — Fixed the issues with zooming in Firefox.

  • DVF-3905

    — The maps of several countries improved.

HTML Tooltips Support} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
HTML Tooltips Support

Tooltip customization is way easier now. Full support of HTML is available. You can write your own HTML code and customize tooltip visualization using CSS classes.

Background Settings for Chart Data Bounds} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Background Settings for Chart Data Bounds

The background can be changed for the data area if needed.


  • Color palettes improvements

  • Labels background settings improvements

  • Axis markers improvements (new methods: background, padding)

  • Markers/Labels clipping improvements

Bug fixes:

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-3038

    — Aitoff projection display issues fixed.

Crosshair Multiple Labels} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Crosshair Multiple Labels

Now you can display several crosshair labels on additional axes of the map.


  • Fixed issues with Color Range labels formatting using String Tokens.

  • Fixed Color Range errors occured in case of standalone usage.

  • Fixed issues with extra small and extra large values formatting.

  • Fixed issues with unicode symbols in String Tokens (desk case #3833, TS-415).

Modular System} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Modular System

Modular System is the core of AnyChart 8. It allows you to significantly reduce the size of the JavaScript running on your web page by connecting only those chart types and features that you actually use. The modular based AnyChart is perfectly compatible with popular bundling tools such as Webpack, Browserify, and so on. Use our JS Builder to easily generate a custom build.

Custom JavaScript Builds} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Custom JavaScript Builds

Custom JavaScript Builder is designed for assembling a JavaScript file that contains only the features and chart types you are really going to use. The AnyMap version 8.0.0 contains 30 modules and 16 themes. You can also build a file that contains your license key .

Node.js Server-side Rendering} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Node.js Server-side Rendering

Node.js server is a lightweight web server that provides API for generating vector graphics (PDF, SVG, or PS), bitmap images (PNG, JPG, or TIFF), PDF reports, and data in CSV and XLSX (Excel). It uses the JavaScript code as well as JSON and XML configurations as input data. The server is very easy to install and customize, you can run it on any major platform: Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is ideal for creating report systems that send charts via email or social network sharing tools.

No Data Label Feature} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
No Data Label Feature

No Data Label Feature is an API designed to notify the chart viewer that data is not available. Data can be missing due to its absence by default or if it has been removed by means of the Data Updating API, Exclude Data Point feature, or through the interactivity.

CSV/Excel Export Reworked} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
CSV/Excel Export Reworked

By popular demand, we've remastered the algorithm for preparing CSV/Excel data for charts. Now it takes into account the chart type specific features and allows you to use multiple data sets for different series.

Chart Export Settings} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Chart Export Settings

Now you can customize the export settings for each chart: links and descriptions for sharing on Facebook, image export options, and so on.

Context Menu Customization API} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Context Menu Customization API

We've significantly simplified the process of the context menu customization. Now each item of the context menu is assigned with an ID that can be called to access the corresponding fields and settings as well as to add custom ones. We've also added the option to localize the context menu.

General API Improvements} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
General API Improvements

We've substantially improved the AnyChart JS Charts API specifically for the 8th generation of our JavaScript charting libraries. Appearance settings, Grids settings , Data Mapping settings can now be made much easier. To facilitate and streamline the transition from AnyChart 7 to AnyChart 8, we've created the Migration Tool that will allow the majority of users to switch over to the new version in semi-automatic mode.