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  Seat Map


Seat Map or Seating Chart is a chart that displays the seating layout of a place or a vehicle. In addition, it usually shows the location of emergency exits, restrooms, and so on.

Seat Maps are widely used in visualizing space inside buildings (theaters, cinemas, museums, etc.), transport vehicles (aircrafts, buses, etc.), stadiums, and so on.

To specify seats, aisles, sections and other relevant elements of indoor space, it is possible to encode them with letters, numbers, and colors. In this way, for example, the difference between available and occupied seats can be highlighted with the help of a color palette.

Tooltips in a Seat Map are useful to show some more details. For example, they can contain reviews or any other additional information about each seat: "the best view of the stage", "impossible to recline", and so on.

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