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  Linear Gauge


Linear Gauge is a visualization of measurement tools with a linear scale such as thermometers, tanks, color indicators (LED), and so on. Data values are displayed on the gauge axis with the help of one or multiple pointers: markers, ranges, etc.

Generally speaking, Linear Gauges have two main characteristics: axis and pointer.

1. Bullet Chart.

Bullet Chart features a color scale that represents a qualitative parameter (poor, good, and excellent) and is accompanied by a lengthwise bar showing the actual data. To display a target value such as KPI, Bullet Charts can feature a marker. Although a Bullet Chart cannot be helpful in monitoring trends, because it does not show past values, this chart type is an invaluable tool for visualizing specific results and targets achieved as of the present moment.

2. Thermometer Chart.

Thermometer Gauge Chart is a type of Linear Gauge drawn in the form of a thermometer. Essentially, it is a vertical bar, i.e. a column, with a round bulb at the bottom. Axes in Thermometer Charts are positioned alongside the column, typically featuring a linear scale to display the current temperature information. The column is filled with color up to a certain level corresponding to a given data value.

3. Tank Chart.

Tank Gauge Chart is a Linear Gauge depicted as a filled barrel (or tank). The scale in this chart type is located just next to the tank, showing how full it actually is.

4. LED Chart.

LED Chart is similar to the Circular Gauge chart type, but it features a straight axis, horizontal or vertical, instead of circular. Consisting of small bars filled with color, LED Charts visualize data in the following way: a given value divides the LED into two parts, each with its own color.

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