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  Mekko Chart


Mekko Chart (short for Marimekko Chart) is a variation of the Mosaic Chart type with the following specific features:

  1. The Y axis in Mekko Charts displays numeric values (in percentages, from 0% to 100%) like in the Percent Stacked Column Chart type. However, as distinct from the latter, a Mekko Chart also shows the relationship between the sums of values within categories. This means that the width of each category along the X axis matters as it reflects the contribution of the whole category to a total of all data points.
  2. There is no padding between points in Mekko Charts.
As is also the case with the Mosaic Chart type, a Mekko Chart occupies 100% of data bounds, and the area of each point is determined by the point's contribution to a total of all data points.

Compared to a Mosaic Chart, a Mekko Chart is a better choice for visualizing business processes, e.g. to compare the market share of several products of several brands.

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