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AnyChart Support Welcome to AnyChart support center. Our priority is a customer satisfaction.
We constantly improve the quality of our products and add new features.
Our team is very open to any suggestions regarding our products.
We listen what you want. Please take a look at our product roadmap.

Technical Support We provide guaranteed answers during 24 hours on working days and 48 hours on week-ends.

If you have any problems with AnyChart software, please, be sure that you have installed the latest update before contacting our technical support. It happens that users find bugs that have been already fixed in the latest builds of products.

Contact our Technical Support Team

Please always include the following information:
  • The description of problem.
  • XML/HTML file with all settings that cause the problem.
  • Version of product that you're using. How to detect version.

Ask on Stack Overflow

You can also ask any question on Stack Overflow with anychart tag and get a chance to get some feedback from the community or AnyChart support engineers or developers who are also monitoring questions there and may have an insight.
Note that there is no guaranteed feedback time on Stack Overflow and you should open a ticket in official support system to report bugs and make feature requests, especially if you own an active license subscription.
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