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AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts Smart JavaScript Gantt Project, Resource, and PERT charts for web, desktop, and mobile apps

The very first version of AnyChart hit the shelves more than 10 years ago, check out what our products went through and see what's new in the most recent update.

Version 4.x History
  • Editing tasks, resources or periods properties using client-side User Interface.

  • Editing tasks, resources or periods properties using JavaScript.

  • Ability to select tasks, resources or periods.

  • Editing, selection event model.

  • Summary Tasks Auto-Recalculation.

  • Retrieving chart details in XML format.

  • Retrieving chart details in JavaScript format.

  • Milestones in Resource Projects.

  • Resources Grouping Feature.

  • Users Guide With Large Number of Samples.

  • MultiPage Printing Support.

  • TimeLine Scale Improvement Update.

  • Quarter Token in TimeLine Scale.

  • [%CompleteDate] Token Support.

  • Custom Default Resource Style Support.

  • Context Menu Localization.

  • Customizable Datagrid Columns Formatting.

  • Task Projects

  • Resource Projects.

  • Vertical/Horizontal Scrolls.

  • Splitted Tasks Support.

 See version history of 7.x