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AnyChart JS Charts

JavaScript-Diagramme zum Einbetten und Integrieren

The very first version of AnyChart hit the shelves more than 10 years ago, check out what our products went through and see what's new in the most recent update.

Version 6.x History

New features:

  • SUP-442

    Double Click event support in HTML5 and Flash engine.


  • Rendering performance improvement for HTML5 engine in Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, 8.x.

Bug fixes:

  • DVF-162

    Pie/Doughnut exploded settings bug fixed.

  • DVF-107

    Scale minimum value calculation bug fixed.

New features:

  • DVF-6

    Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, 8.x support added to HTML5 engine.


  • DVF-7

    Texts rendering is improved in HTML5 engine.

Bug fixes:

  • AFJ-387

    Custom labels in Gauges no longer break rendering in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-386

    Cone series in stacked mode with first zero value no longer breaks rendering in Flash Engine.

  • AFJ-385

    Axes border issues are solved in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-383

    [%YPercentOfCategory], [%YSum], [%YMax], [%YMin], [%YPercentOfCategory] tokens are now correctly calculated in HTML5 engine.

  • AFJ-382

    Gauge tickmarks issues are solved in HTML5 Engine.

  • DVF-108

    ChartUpdate actions with external chart data now correctly work in all browsers.

New features:

  • AFJ-261

    3D Plot is added to HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-233

    CSV Support is added to HTML5 Engine.


  • AFJ-277

    Stacked Bar and Area behavior with Missing Values is improved.

  • AFJ-274

    Stacked Bar behavior with Zero and Negative Values is improved.

Bug fixes:

  • AFJ-272

    Pie label incorrect positioning is fixed in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-380

    Chart .remove() method now correctly works in IE9.

  • AFJ-259

    HTML5 Engine now treats empty text nodes correctly.

  • AFJ-240

    [%DataPlotYMin] and [%DataPlotYMax] tokens are now correctly calculated in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-271, AFJ-265

    Custom legend Icon settings no longer breaks rendering in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-267

    Empty data node in template is now correctly treated in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-249

    Backgroundless Charts Size is now correctly calculated in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-251

    Gauge Frame Gradient Issues are solved in HTML5 Engine.

  • AFJ-375

    Outside labels positioning is fixed in HTML5 Engine.

Flash engine:

  • SUP-294

    Flex component no longer throws an error when the legend is enabled in charts.

  • SUP-376

    Maps are now displayed in Chrome with the Pepper Flash plugin.

  • SUP-328

    Marker series is now properly animated.

  • SUP-332

    Pie series opacity issues are fixed.

  • SUP-335

    3D Scroll label issues are fixed.

  • SUP-408

    Scroll API issues are fixed in Flex.

  • AFJ-218

    Image fill issues are fixed.

  • AFJ-119

    RangeBar tooltips are now always correctly positioned.

  • AFJ-209

    The center anchor works correctly when the scale is modified.

  • AFJ-210

    Median token calculation is now always correct.

  • AFJ-212

    Scroll problems in dashboards are now fixed.

  • AFJ-219

    The Flash tooltip problem in Indicator gauges is fixed.

  • AFJ-225

    Color Range in Gauge charts is now displayed properly when the scale is inverted.

Html5 engine:

  • AFJ-215

    The getInformation() method obfuscation problem with Gauge charts is fixed.

  • AFJ-123

    Axis Crossing attribute problems are fixed.

  • AFJ-120

    Bar/Line overlay problems are fixed.

  • AFJ-145

    The underline formatting issue in controls is fixed.

  • AFJ-130

    Trend Lines tokens autocalculated values issues are fixed.

  • AFJ-139

    Chart Background Gradient issues are fixed.

  • AFJ-142

    Labels settings template inheritance issues are fixed.

  • AFJ-160

    Dashboard layout problems are fixed.

  • AFJ-140

    The missing points style is now always applied correctly.

  • AFJ-161

    The funnels resizing problem is fixed.

  • AFJ-143

    The controls positioning problem is fixed.

  • AFJ-119

    RangeBar tooltips are now always positioned correctly.

  • AFJ-182

    Circular ranges in Circular gauges now display gradients correctly.

  • AFJ-209

    The center anchor works correctly when the scale is modified.

  • AFJ-92

    The legend is now properly placed when its width is set in percents.

  • AFJ-227

    The legend no longer overlaps XAxis labels when the chart size is small.

  • AFJ-146

    Spline series now always shows markers properly.

  • AFJ-246

    Controls are now always properly positioned in Gauges.

  • AFJ-60

    Bubble radius calculation is fixed.

  • AFJ-237

    Pie connectors now properly treat %Color color settings.

  • AFJ-238

     Text positioning in TreeMap charts is fixed.

  • AFJ-241

    The logarithmic axis labels display is fixed.

  • AFJ-147

    Crossing axis titles are fixed.

  • AFJ-255

    Spline series no longer throws an error when it has only one point.

  • SUP-414

    Hovering no longer messes backgrounds.

  • SUP-413

    The tooltip display problem is fixed in Firefox 16.0.2 and Opera 11.62.

  • SUP-405

    Pie dataplot resize problems are fixed.

New features:

  • AFJ-182

    Circular Gauges Beta in HTML5 engine.

  • AFJ-177

    Flex component now provides getBase64PNG() and getBase64PDF() methods with optional width and height parameters.

Bug fixes:

  • SUP-351

    Custom attributes are now correctly set via JSON.

  • SUP-337

    Custom attributes are now correctly retrieved in point events.

  • AFJ-204

    Action arguments are now correctly passed in JSON.

  • SUP-352

    maxChar and maxCharFinalChars are now supported.

  • SUP-347

    Autocalculated datetime scale crash is fixed.

  • AFJ-178

    Heatmap lower case row/column name problem is fixed.

  • SUP-355

    First stack elements are no longer hidden when Logarithmic scale is used with Stacked mode.

New features:

  • AFJ-36

    Blur effect is added in 3D Pie chart in HTML5 engine.

  • AFJ-158

    Dashed lines support is added to HTML5 engine.

  • AFJ-108

    Cone shape support is added to Bar series in HTML5 engine.

  • AFJ-80

    Hatch fills support is added to HTML5 engine.

Bug fixes:

  • SUP-306, SUP-294

    Flex/Flash: the problem with rendering failure upon the repeated setting of XML config is solved.

  • AFJ-163

    HTML5 engine no longer creates functions and variables in the global document namespace.

  • AFJ-132

    HTML5 engine: memory leak problem in TreeMaps and AxisBased charts is solved.

  • AFJ-157

    HTML5 engine: attention IE9 users — only the latest IE9 build is stable enough to work with AnyChart HTML5 engine.

  • AFJ-106, AFJ-109

    HTML5 engine: multiple axes markers display problems are solved.

  • AFJ-111

    HTML5 engine: [%AxisMax] and [%AxisMin] tokens are calculated properly now.

  • AFJ-93

    HTML5 engine: [%Column] and [%Row] tokens of HeatMap series are calculated properly now.

  • AFJ-133

    HTML5 engine: labels rotation problem (over 90°) is solved.

  • AFJ-136

    HTML5 engine: point border color problem is solved.

  • AFJ-153

    HTML5 engine: zero line display problem is solved.

  • AFJ-159

    HTML5 engine: html tags are not displayed and texts look better with render_as_html option now (HTML support will be available later).

  • AFJ-63

    HTML5 engine: interactivity settings can now be properly tuned for individual series and points.

  • AFJ-156

    HTML5 engine: the problem with Firefox and Chrome rendering failures is solved.

  • AFJ-162

    HTML5 engine: the problem with the wrong single point Pie charts display is solved.

  • AFJ-83

    HTML5 engine: gauge labels display problem is solved.

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • HTML5 engine: hatch fill is now displayed correctly in Firefox.

  • HTML5 engine: selecting points now works correctly in Firefox.

  • HTML5 engine now interpolates Candlestick series correctly ("Unimplemented abstract method"error in Chrome is no longer shown).

  • HTML5 engine now parses <data_plot_background> node correctly.

  • HTML5 engine blurred gridlines, tickmarks and zero lines — now all these elements are crisp.

  • Flex component leaked memory when legend was enabled. This leak is removed.

  • Tooltips are now removed correctly on drilldown in Flex component.

  • HTML5 engine: dataplot background is now displayed fine in Firefox.

  • HTML5 engine: plot position is fixed in Firefox.

  • Stacked Area is now displayed correctly even when all elements are negative.

  • HTML5 engine now correctly calculates tooltip position in Firefox.

  • HTML5 engine now correctly renders radial gradient backgrounds.

  • Yet another (new one) printing of Flash in Firefox problem is fixed.

  • Flex component failure when deployed to Android or iOS devices is fixed.

New features:

  • Export as SVG. Using HTML5 version of the component you can obtain snapshot of a chart as base64 encoded string using new getSVG() external method.

  • "Always show zero" scale mode is now supported in HTML5 engine.

  • updateData() external method is now supported in HTML5 engine.

Bug fixes:

  • Flash and HTML5: Funnel charts were incorrectly displayed when all values are zeros.

  • Flash and HTML5: In HeatMap chart type missing values were recognized as zeros.

  • HTML5 Engine: Tooltip settings for a certain series were completely ignored by HTML5 engine.

  • HTML5 Engine: Existing chart graphics wasn't removed from a canvas after a secondary call of setXMLFile method.

  • HTML5 Engine: Single point Pie charts were displayed incorrectly.

  • HTML5 Engine: addPoint() and refresh() external methods worked incorrectly.

New features:

  • Date time scale is now supported in HTML5 engine.

Bug fixes:

  • HTML5 engine: multiplication of chart objects upon sequential set config methods call bug is fixed.

  • Flash engine: incorrect labels placement under certains sizes with scroll bar enabled bug is fixed.

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • Radar and Polar problem with Flash Player is fixed.

  • Dashboard label, marker and tooltip problems are fixed in HTML5 engine.

  • Repetetive config settings crash fixed in HTML5 engine.

  • Refresh methods crash is fixed in HTML5 engine.

  • Data node in templates is now correctly treated in HTML5 engine.

  • Legend with thresholds doesn't crash anymore in HTML5 engine.

  • Missing points erraneous console output is fixed in HTML5 engine.

  • Pie outside labels work correctly in HTML5 engine.

  • FLASH_PREFERED rendering option now works correctly.

New features:

  • Axes markers added to HTML5 engine.

Bug fixes:

  • HTML5 embedding improved.

New features:

  • Dashboards added to HTML5 engine.

Bug fixes:

  • Legend placement fix in HTML5 engine.

New features:

  • Thresholds feature is added to HTML5 engine.

Bug fixes:

  • Resizing issue in Safari for iOS is fixed in Chart Gallery.

  • Versioning issue is fixed in Flash engine.

  • setData method issue is fixed in Flash engine.

New features:

  • Funnel Chart type is added to HTML5 engine.

  • Custom attributes feature is added to HTML5 engine.

HTML5 SVG based engine introduction