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Node.js charts exporting application

This example shows how to build server-side charts exporting application using AnyChart charting library and Node.js module. In this expample we will show how to generate SVG, PNG, Jpeg Images.
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Clone this repository:

$ git clone git@github.com:anychart-integrations/nodejs-export-server-application.git

Navigate to the example directory:

$ cd ./nodejs-export-server-application

To run this example you have to install dependencies. Run this command:

$ npm install

Notice! AnyChart NodeJS module requires ImageMagic to create JPG and PNG images. Visit Image Magic install page for details. Note for Windows users: you have to create environment variable as described in Image Magic: Advanced Windows Installation article.

And to run the export server you should just execute index.js file with nodejs:

$ node index.js
Export server listening on port 3000!

Notice! Please refrain from using percent values in chart. In node js DOM emulation there is some problems with this and resulting image may be differ from the planned.


/ - main page for input code of a chart
/export - rule for post requests with stringified JavaScript code for export


  • jsdom (DOM environment for chart rendering)
  • express (Web server)
  • body-parser (Node.js body parsing middleware)
  • anychart (AnyChart library)
  • anychart-nodejs (AnyChart nodejs export module)

Further Learning


AnyChart NodeJS integration sample includes two parts:

  • Code of the integration sample that allows to use Javascript library (in this case, AnyChart) with Node.js charts exporting application. You can use, edit, modify it, use it with other Javascript libraries without any restrictions. It is released under Apache 2.0 License.
  • AnyChart JavaScript library. It is released under Commercial license. You can test this plugin with the trial version of AnyChart. Our trial version is not limited by time and doesn't contain any feature limitations. Check details here.

If you have any questions regarding licensing - please contact us. sales@anychart.com