AnyStock 1.7.0 Released

We are proud to announce the release of AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts 1.7.0. We have made some significant changes and added a number of new features. Some of the improvements impact the default settings. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these changes prior to deploying.

The most important changes are in Fibonacci annotations settings and defaults: they have new defaults and are displayed in a new, different, and better way. Level labeling has been added and enabled by default. Fibonacci Fan now shows not only price levels but also time levels and a grid. If you upgrade to 1.7.0 and use Fibonacci annotations, you will see changes in your charts. However, you can revert to the old view by specifying additional settings in your configuration files.

Additionally, the <export> node is deprecated and replaced by the <export_settings> node, so it is strongly recommended to review your configuration files and make the necessary changes. In JSON configuration this replacement means: export turns into exportSettings. These changes are made to avoid problems with the objectModel chart property in Internet Explorer.

New features


  • The <export> node is deprecated due to the problems it gave when trying to obtain the objectModel property in Internet Explorer. Please use the <export_settings> node instead.
  • The logarithmic axis minimum auto calculation is improved.

Bug fixes

  • The Scroller thumbnail series no longer displays missing values at the end of a data set as zeros.
  • A separated tooltip pin no longer breaks when a zero length range is selected.
  • Event markers are properly bound to series fields.
  • Flex version no longer throws the errors which occasionally presented themselves while working with the component.
  • Fibonacci Arcs geometry issues are fixed.
  • Flex iOs mouse over problems are fixed.
  • The enabled attribute of the <line> subnode of major and minor grids in axes now works properly.

Here you can see AnyStock version history:
The new version is available for trial download:

2 Responses to “AnyStock 1.7.0 Released”

  1. Vijeta Shetty Says:

    On using your trial version on ipad, I have seen many issues. Like scrolling bugs after adding indicators, and ‘drawing tools’ on the chart is just not working on an ipad.
    Do I need to do something differently while using your anystock.swc while building on ipad (flex app)? Please suggest.

  2. Timothy Loginov Says:

    Vijeta, there are some minor issues and we are working on them, if you have any bug report – please submit a ticket at

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